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Alternatives to party wall injunctions

If a building owner starts work without first serving the required notice under the Party Wall Act the adjoining owner can apply to the Court for an emergency injunction stopping the works. But party wall injunctions are not the only option. Where the building owner serves a notice and the adjoining owner does not agree to the works within 14 days then a "deemed" dispute arises (for example, under section 5 ...

Party wall notices and joint owners

Tricky situations can arise where there is more than one owner of land or buildings that are subject to the Party Wall Act, as it may not be possible to locate all of the owners. Can a notice be served if only one of the building owners is available? What happens if all of the adjoining owners have been identified, but one of the joint owners cannot be traced? Adjoining owners

Who is an adjoining owner?

Before the building owner starts work he must serve one or more notices on the “adjoining owner”. But who are they? The neighbours, right? Well yes, but it is not necessarily that simple “Adjoining owner” is defined in section 20 of the 1996 Act as “any owner … of buildings, storeys, or room adjoining those of the building owner”. So far, so good. But what is meant by “owner”?[pullquote_right]If an adjoining ...